About Us

HCM Acquisition Corp is a special purpose acquisition corporation whose business purpose is to identify superior investment opportunities amongst private companies. We intend to employ a pro-active acquisition strategy focused on identifying potential business combinations targets which provide disruptive technology or innovations within the financial services industry. We will leverage the significant financial services and management experience of the management team, as well as the board of directors, in order to identify and affect a transaction in the financial services industry. The management team experience is highly relevant to this sector, leading businesses and acquisitions across all subsectors of financial services. Their ability to successfully identify and integrate speaks to their deal sourcing capabilities and management approach. Their expansive networks and reputations span the financial services sector. We will target a wide range of companies across financial services, including:


Specialty Finance

Asset & Wealth Mgmt


   Real Estate

Acquisition Criteria

  • Acquire established businesses that we believe are fundamentally sound, but in need of our assistance to maximize their potential value
  • Assistance could be financial, operational, strategic, and/or managerial
  • Target earlier stage, high growth companies
  • At the forefront of shifts in the industry, potential to change the industry, ability to significantly scale with our input of capital and management expertise
  • Strong and experienced management teams looking for a partner in their growth
  • Companies with a history of consistent and significant cashflow
  • Current and/or identified future profitability
  • Benefit from being a public company and from access to capital markets to support its growth
  • Companies that will be enhanced by the experience of our management team that may be overlooked or unrecognized by less experienced operators
  • Segment leading characteristics and innovations to capture or create new or additional market share
  • Path to considerable growth either organically or through further acquisitions